Questions + Answers

Q: What cities are you available in?
A: Although Party Angels started in the Lower Mainland of BC, we are now also available in the Fraser Valley, on Vancouver Island, in the Okanagan, as well as in Calgary and Edmonton. We have travelled nearly 500 kilometres for a single event before. No distance is too great to inquire about.

Q: Why can’t I choose Angels based on a catalogue of their photos?
A: Not only are we sensitive to some of our employee’s privacy concerns, but the services and attires offered vary from Angel to Angel. If there are any Angels in the gallery that stand out to you, we’re more than happy to do what we can to accommodate your interests.

Q: Why are your rates not published?
A: We want you to reach out to us and to have an open line of communication so we can completely customize your experience and how we can provide it within each particular budget. Research on our competitors shows we are always able to offer quotes lower than our local competitors and make consistent efforts to provide more valuable experiences.

Q: Will my booking be confidential?
A: We take discretion very seriously for both clients and staff. Only the organizer, hired staff, and your guests will be aware of your booking with Party Angels. This policy does not waiver in any circumstance. 

Q: What kind of events are Party Angels used for?
A: Party Angels has different departments for different client needs. We have a Promotional department for our brand ambassadors (promo girls) which is used to promote products and services at all kinds of public or private events such as certified liquor tastings, car shows, festivals, and nightclub promotions. 
We also have our Entertainment department which includes events like bachelor parties, poker nights, boating excursions, golf tournaments, and sports parties. Really, possibilities are endless.

Q: Do the Angels offer companionship of a sexual nature?
Absolutely not. Party Angels has never been and will never be an escort agency. Although we do offer dancers and other sexy services at private events, we will not take bookings where there is an expectation of explicit sexual services from our staff. Their safety and all of our reputations are important to us, so our services and policies are not up for negotiation.