Why Choose Party Angels?

Our Track Record
We have been an integral part of thousands of successful events over the past 11 years. Let our girls help ensure your event is everything you dream it to be.

We Go Above + Beyond
We don’t just want to satisfy your expectations, we want surpass them every time. Our girls make sure your event is fun, exciting, and truly unforgettable for everyone in attendance.

We Cross Our T’s + Dot Our I’s
The details matter. We will clearly describe what you and your guests can expect from our girls, and vice versa. Contracts and invoices are available upon request.

We Value Our Staff
Our hard working staff are paid more working with Party Angels than with any of our noted competitors, even though the rates we charge are competitive.

Continual Growth
Party Angels started in 2007 with just a few bartenders, and we’ve already grown so much since then. If there’s other services you think we should offer to make events even more memorable, we will gladly embrace the suggestion.

Event Planning + Management
Party Angels also offer events of our own to entertain our clients and supporters. These events also keep our staff busy and having fun. We use client and staff feedback to make each event better than the one before it, and are always happy to help clients with event planning where needed.